Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Get your songs trending all over Nigeria for as low as N6500 on scarletburst.com

Do you consider yourself the next big thing in the Nigerian music industry, but keep wondering how you can get heard on every street in Naija? If yes, then this is for you…read more.

All it takes for those hard-burned beats to get on the charts and drive straight up the ladder, is the push from the right angle, by the right people. So let’s get your music heard and aired by radio stations in the country and get you ready to hit the turning point in your music career which you’ve been waiting for, by simply uploading your songs on Scarlet Burst – the No.1 music-konnect app which gives your music the platform it needs to be found, reviewed and played by various radio stations in Nigeria for thousands of people to hear at a go, all at a subsidized rate of N6500; way less than what you would’ve paid if you went directly to the radio stations.

It’s cool, beyond reliable and very affordable. So step up your game and get your hustle paying off before you know it.

If its music and it’s good, then let’s hear it!

P.S. Your songs are safe with us. 100% secure from theft and unauthorized streaming and sales.
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