Wednesday, August 3, 2016

These 12 herbs are found in the Bible. They keep you healthy

Bible provides us with excellent instruction on life, and it can help to keep you healthy. These Bible herbs can become a part of your diet and bless you.

1. Anise

The seeds of this plant are good for your health. They were used by the people in Biblical times. You can treat digestion problems or even fever with them. You can also consume them or make a tea out of them to treat flu, colds, and cough.

2. Bitter herbs

These were used by the Israel during the Passover feast. They ate meat and bread dipping them in the bitter herb sauce. These are great for your joints and digestion, as well as for kidneys or various infections.

3. Aloe

It can treat various rashes on the skin, inflammation, dryness, and other problems, as well as burns and sores.

4. Balm

It is something people get from the balm tree. It had an amazing fragrance and was used in the temple service. It can also be used on wounds for medical purposes.

5. Cassia

They made oil out of it and utilized for the Biblical anointing. It smells good and can be great for your hair.

6. Cumin

It’s a great food addition. The seeds keep your heart healthy.

7. Cinnamon

You can use it as a spice or as oil. It positively affects your brain and maintains healthy levels of glucose in the blood.

8. Garlic

It kills germs, supplies the vitamins your body needs and keeps up the health of your gums. Garlic has many healing properties, and it spices up the food.

9. Mint

It is good for your fresh breath; it can help to cope with fever and heal the stomach. It mint calms your nerves.

10. Saffron

This herb is even capable of helping people to survive cancer. In the old times, it was used as the spice and as a coloring agent.

11. Myrrh

It was utilized in the temple and for anointing the bodies of the dead people. Jesus was given a gift of myrrh to prepare Him for his death on the cross. Today it can be used to tame ear pain, sores or a sore throat.

12. Mustard seed

Jesus used this seed in his parable, as an example of the Kingdom of God. You can use it for your hair as a conditioner or to get rid of the muscle pain. And of course, it is a tasty addition to your food. Plus, you can use it to wash the dishes.

These 12 Biblical herbs can improve the quality of your life and health. Use them and be well.
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