Wednesday, August 24, 2016

See Forbes list of highest earning actresses for 2016

Top 10 highest earning actresses for 2016

Jennifer Lawrence retains her spot atop the money pile for the second year running with $46million followed by Melissa McCarthy with $33million while Scarlet Johansen comes in third with $25million. Bollywood star, Deepika Padukone rounds up the top ten with $10million. The figures cover from June 1, 2015 to June 1 of this year, before fees and taxes. See the full list after the cut.

Forbes magazine's 2016 top 10 list of highest-earning actresses:

1. Jennifer Lawrence, $46 million
2. Melissa McCarthy, $33 million
3. Scarlett Johansson, $25 million
4. Jennifer Aniston, $21 million
5. Fan Bingbing, $17 million
6. Charlize Theron, $16.5 million
7. Amy Adams, $13.5 million
8. Julia Roberts, $12 million
9. Mila Kunis, $11 million
10. Deepika Padukone, $10 million

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