Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Photos/Video: No life lost in multiple accidents at Ziks Avenue, Awka

A multiple accident occurred Monday, August 15, involving a luxurious bus from Benue State, cars, lorries, motorcycles and tricycles, along Ziks Avenue, Awka, Anambra State capital According to ABS, the brake of the luxurious bus with registration number HAL 276YG,  failed and drove from Nkwo Awka through Ziks Avenue clearing vehicles in its way, including cars and motorcycles. The bus finally halted close to Nipost office, Awka.
During the scary ride, passengers stuck out their heads from the windows, shouting and motioning people to leave the road to avoid being hit.

Fortunately, no life was lost, the injured were evacuated to different hospitals in Awka. At least twelve cars, fifteen tricycles, street lights, among others were destroyed in the crash.

One of the passengers, who spoke to ABS, Isaiah Shika said he boarded the bus from Gboko, Benue State, but at some point the driver noticed a fault which caused them to push the bus after repairs. The bus driver and conductor are no where to be found as of the time of filling this report.

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