Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It is not a secret that men are and have always been totally obsessed with the female breasts, especially the big ones; but have you ever stopped to wonder why?

This is a question that is very confusing to many people, especially considering the fact that breasts are actually just bags of body fat stuck to the chest of women; regardless of that, men cannot stop loving them or staring at them.

While there are different theories on this matter, we give you the top 5 explanations on why men love boobs so much, especially the big ones!

1.Sign of femininity

The female breasts usually start to develop when a girl hits puberty, it is one of the first signs that she is becoming a woman and is generally a sign of femininity; it is therefore not so surprising that men would be so obsessed with the first reminder that a woman is a member of the opposite sex and a prospective mate. Therefore, the bigger her sign of femininity, the bigger the attraction; after all, Opposites attract!

2. Higher arousal

Breasts play a very vital role when it comes to love making – a lot of women get highly aroused when their breasts are fondled, men on the other hand, also get aroused by fondling a woman’s breasts and knowing how much pleasure they are giving and getting. To cut the story short, men are generally aroused by the female breasts and the bigger it is, the more aroused they seem to get.
3. It is biological

Men’s love for women with big breasts can also be blamed on biological factors that they themselves cannot explain. The female breasts are very important for the nurturing of their babies, so in a sense, a lot of people see it as a sign of fertility and ability to have and take care of babies. 
Men are biologically wired to find fertility attractive, otherwise, how would we preserve the human race? 

4. The mystery

The mystery that comes with a woman’s breasts is one that men cannot seem to get enough of; it is generally unacceptable for women to come out in public with their breasts showing, however, the fact that they can be noticed through clothes is a constant reminder of their presence, which in turn seems to get men excited at the thought of what they cannot see. 
The bigger the reminder of what is underneath a woman’s blouse, the more fascinated a lot of men get.

5.  They are simply beautiful and attractive

This is one of the most obvious reasons why men are obsessed with big breasts – they look good and attractive, end of story. The breasts are easily the most attractive part of a woman in the eyes of most men so it is not surprising that they are obsessed with the bigger ones, sometimes it is as simple as that!

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