Saturday, August 27, 2016

12 ft python regurgitates antelope in front of villagers

– A python estimated to be up to 12 feet long killed an antelope in the village of Gorakhpur, Northern India 

– The giant snake steadily stretched its mouth to devour its much larger prey 

– The snake moments later regurgitated the antelope to kill it

 A giant snake, estimated to be up to 12 feet long, on Monday, August 22, killed antelope in Gorakhpur, Northern India. It then steadily stretched its mouth to devour its much larger prey. The toe-curling moment was caught on camera as the snake realised its prey was too big to swallow blurted out the antelope because it was ‘too big a hunt’. The antelope’s death captured the attention of villagers, with a crowd of onlookers quickly gathering around to watch the python.

It was still unclear, though, how the python had managed to capture the antelope. Sushil Kumar, 28, who witnessed the entire episode, said: “I was walking around my house and I walked a bit further, I heard noises. The moment I rushed towards the spot, I saw a huge python was regurgitating an animal. “It was one of the most spectacular moments I’ve ever witnessed as people told me it was an antelope.”   Watch the video below: 

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