Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Way To Connect Your Ntel 4G LTE Free Connections For Unlimited Browsing Using Tweakware Vpn

Have you ever think of a way to connect Ntel 4G LTE to your Tweakware vpn? 

Yea is possible because Tweakware has the BUNDLE SETTINGS and is working perfectly on the areas Ntel are located and share their free wifi especially lagos, Abuja, Nasarawa and many states but I heard the rumor that they will soon be on port-harcourt which means port-harcourt users won't be able to use it for now till they set their network in the area or location.

So I will be writing about New Way To Connect Your Ntel 4G LTE To Tweakware Vpn For Unlimited BrowsingUsing free 4G LTE Free Wifi connections on Tweakware vpn. 

Sometimes, you might have the NTEL sim and do their subscription plan then you will be able to use it better too on Tweakware vpn.

How to connect Ntel 4G LTE for unlimited browsing

*.Kindly get your Ntel sim

*.Download Tweakware Vpn Here

*.Click on SETTINGS

*.Then click on BUNDLE SETTINGS

*.So click click on ENABLE BUNDLE SETTINGS


*.Then choose (NG SWIFT 4GLTE).

then connect and start browsing
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