Friday, September 4, 2015

Your PC running slow?? Then Try This #Tech


1. Delete All Temporary Files 

* Click on Start type Run and hit ente

* Then type %temp% and hit enter and delete all files in this folder

2. Clean All System Drives

Click on My Computer 

Then select all the hard disk drives
Then right click & select properties and cleanup all drives 

3. Decrease All startup Programs

Click on Start then type Run and hit enter 

Then type msconfig then click OK. 
Then go to services and start up. Then deselect the programme you don't want to run at startup

3. Clear fetch operation Temorary files

* Press windows key+r .......Type :- run and hit enter......then type :-prefetch and hit enter......Then clear all files in that folder.

Comment if you have any issue.

More Related Solutions

  1. Problem:Insufficient Memory To Run.
    * If Running Program is Require more Ram space to run.
    * Not enough space is virtual space.
    * Disk may Full.
    * Unknown space occupied for logs.

    Once check your running Program Requirement are sufficient to your system or not.
    If not sufficient to system, So upgrade your hardware immediately and haply run your system.

    if your Requirement are satisfied that program so Increase the Virtual Space . now Follow these instructions.
    * Right Click on the My Computer Icon.
    * Go to System Properties .
    * Go to Advance system settings.
    * go to Performance region Click on the settings button.
    * Go to Advance Tab.
    * Click on Customize.
    * Increase the Initial Memory Size up to 4gb
    Note : Do this Process only for Operating system Local drive.

    If your hard disk Drive is Full then This problem may cause. because In The process of program execution System will take hard disk space
    To store some information on it. so need to delete the files.
    Now temporally stop that application.
    * Backup or Delete your personal files
    * Delete the Files to these locations.
    Press Win + R and type %temp%

    And download and install the Third party system maintenance tools , And Run it.

    Problem : Hard Failures 
    Generally Hard ware failure are happen situation are Different . Each situation has particular reaction is their.
    Those are represented below.

    * Process Failure : If you process is failure it returns these messages.
    -- Component Registration is Failed.
    -- Critical process Failure.
    -- Turner not found.
    * Hard disk Drive : at beginning of the boot it will return Disk not found. or system returns " imminent Hard disk error ".
    * Ram Failure : System not Run that means BIOS system also not run . Just one beep is coming not coming any thing.
    Solution : 
    A simple solution is Go to Hard ware Take suggestions from Hard ware engineer.

    Problem : A wanted Programs 
    Some unwanted programs are running your system then your are not able to run your system currently.
    Now follow these instructions given below.

    Solution :
    * Maintain a licensed Anti-Virus Programs and with Regular updates.
    * Regularly scan with Windows Defender.
    * Don't Download and Install Software to system . which software not has been Digital signature.
    * Run Valid Applications .
    * Delete unnecessary start up objects.

    If your system not reacted above instructions then format your Operating . Then it will return same situation again.
    Replace the Hard disk data cable or check Connectivity.

    All The best.
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