Sunday, September 6, 2015

Get Free 2GB On Your Airtel Sim [Latest]

The method is new, but simple and I believed that most of fans are already familiar with it, because this is not the first post about it, so no much talk, simply follow the instruction below to get it done.

The IMEI to use is: 359730061651100

Method To Follow Below:

* Use IMEI Analyzer to analyze the given IMEI above. And you can download the app by clicking the below link.

* Text the imei you analyzed to 232. Add S in front of the IMEI you analyzed to 232
Example: S359730061651101 and send it to 232 After sending....

* You will receive a Welcome message from 232 like “Welcome to the Smart phone bla bla bla….. "

* After that, send JOIN to 141

* To check the data balance dial *123*133#.

Note: If you received a message telling you; Dear customer, you can only receive the Smart SIM Offer once. Understand that the imei you tried has already been used by someone, what you need is to keep trying luck with another imei. Or better try a newly purchased/registered sim.
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